Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Upcoming Presentations

Happy New Year!

We just wanted to give you all a heads up about a few presentations we are giving:

Friday February 10th -- St. Olaf College -- Time: 3:30 PM

Saturday February 11th -- REI Bloomington, MN -- MN Canoe Association -- Time: 11:30 AM

Saturday February 11th -- Montevideo, MN -- CURE MN Annual Meeting -- Time: 5:30 at the library and a short version at 8:30 at the Hollywood Theater!

We will also present at Canoecopia this year on Saturday, March 10th

We are excited to see you all!


  1. Hello! You women are amazing. Wondering if you are speaking at schools? I'm a high school pe teacher, and would love to have you speak and maybe do I day of canoeing???? I'm an Ole grad if that helps. :)

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