Thursday, April 21, 2011

Donation Recognition and T-shirt Sales

Photo by Shane Kitzman
We'd like to thank all of the people who have donated! Below is a list of donors. Become a Polar Bear, Woodland Caribou, Pelican, Pine Martin Donor today! We've raised around $2000 so far. We need $1800 for the plane ride from York Factory to Gillam, $300 for the train from Gillam to Winnipeg, $200 for spray skirt creation and $200 for food drops, shotgun permit and unforeseen problems.

Polar Bear Donors $1000 - $501

Woodland Caribou Donors $500 - $101
Margaret Summerside
Rachel Schmidt of Ceiba Adventures
The Warren Family

Pelican Donors $100 - $51
Amy Apperson
Anne Bellows
George Logan
Kim Ode
Rachel Hedlund
Sue and Jack Thera
The Emmons Family

Pine Marten Donors $50-$1
Andrea Henkel
Anne Bellows
Anne Hedlund
Bill Brumfield
Bruce Chisholm
Dianna Cheney-Peters
Greg Kneser
Jill Dietz
Karen Cullen
Kelly Gryting
Lena Gardner
Meghan Cosgrove
Michael Holm
Richard LaFleur
Stuart Nelson

We'd like to give special thanks to our parents and their emotional and monetary support to Hudson Bay Bound. We will devote a separate blog post to them soon!

T-Shirts! Hooray. We are ordering t-shirts from Rocky Top Printing in Northfield. They will be light blue with our logo in dark blue. We are asking a standard t-shirt price of 10$ (+ 1.50$ shipping and handling) per shirt. Send us an email with a shipping address and size if you would like a shirt. We can accept payment in person or via check through the mail. Our address is below. Paypal has started to take fees from each donation of around 3%, so it would be helpful if we could receive payments via check or cash. However, if you want to use Paypal that is fine as long as you know you are also paying Paypal.

Hudson Bay Bound
1500 St. Olaf Ave
Northfield, MN

I (Natalie) saw a great documentary about Aldo Leopold yesterday for class. It inspired me to bring some of his works along for the big expedition. If you have any trail-book suggestions let us know!

Thanks for all of your support! Have a great Easter Break.



  1. We are going to paddle to Hudson Bay as well, but quite shorter route and from North-East, see and our trips overall at . If we knew about your plans earlier, we would have tried to talk you to come with us. Maybe next time!!

  2. Wow! What a great adventure! For sure, next time!!