Sunday, April 3, 2011

Two Tickets to the Gun Show

On Saturday morning, we walked over to the North Folk House to talk with Lonnie Dupre about protection against polar bears. He suggested that we bring a shotgun and flares and advised us about proper camp set up. 

Next, after a filling breakfast at the South of the Boarder Restaurant, we stopped by Stone Harbor to pick up our 17' 4" Langford Prospector!!! We're looking for name suggestions. We will be using this canoe for our entire journey.

There we also met with Brian Larson from the Cook County News herald. We had a great conversation and found out that Brian helped build the Menogyn Boathouse in 1983! Look for an article about HBB very soon.

We came home to meet with Ann's neighbor, Bob Hurst, to talk about shotguns. Bob is letting us use one of his shotguns for the trip! He showed us the gun and we practiced taking it apart and loading it. We'll be going to the shooting range with Bob soon.

Ann and I had our interview on WTIP's The Roadhouse radio show with Bob and Buck. It was awesome! It will hopefully be archived on their website soon, so check it out!

We had lots of time to discuss little things we want to do on trail during our trip to and from Grand Marais. We are planning silly things like trail holidays and serious things like prayers. We wrote a morning prayer that reflects the goals and purpose of our journey. We think that reciting it everyday before we leave camp will help us maintain peace of mind.

I checked out some Cree mythology and Cree poetry books from the St.Olaf library last week. We want to learn as much as possible about the history of the land and its people before we leave!

Also, how do you all feel about a PARTY?! We feel great about it. After graduation Ann and I will host a graduation/send off party for all of our friends, family, supporters, and sponsors to get together and celebrate! We'll keep you posted.

Time to head back to campus after a long weekend of exciting travels. We hit the river tomorrow to practice paddling upstream!

Natalie and Ann

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  1. Love the caps..and of course the canoe!! Awesome!!!