Friday, May 27, 2011

Hudson Bay Bound Launch Party

Hello friends! With graduation and our launch from Fort Snelling just around the corner, it is definitely time to celebrate! So...

You and your family are invited to the Hudson Bay Bound Launch Party! This is a chance to get together and thank everyone for their support for our upcoming trip. Also, we want to party before we hit the river on June 2nd. There will be live music from 7-11 and a pig roast dinner from 6:30 - 8:30. It costs no money to attend.

When: Monday, May 30th 6:30 - 11
Where: The St.Paul Pool and Yacht Club

I really hope you can make it. Here is our website and facebook invite for more information!

Enjoy the day,
Natalie and Ann

In between games at D3 Ultimate Frisbee Nationals in NY last weekend! Um Ya Ya.
P.S. Sierra Designs just gave us a tent! It is a Sierra Designs Meteor Light...thank you Eric Larsen for all of your support. =)

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  1. Cute picture :) Sure wish I could go but I'm at camp :(